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About Us

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We are a group of creative cronies constantly looking to do something out of the box. We are clearly a group of individuals whose right brain hemisphere is the more dominant side, which helps us with fundamental qualities such as creativity, imagination, intuition etc.  required by any Digital marketing company,  and  are always seeking to make everything fun and productive in the most quirky way possible. We binge on a bag of chips and coke whilst making sheep's eyes at our screen till we go BAZINGA! We believe in having fun at work so that we can reap better results for our clients. 

Going against the norm is the modus operandi that our team follows. We take up new assignments not because we know how to get it done, but because we want to challenge ourselves to learn new things. We Cronies don't believe in the normal work structure, but believe in working with each other rather than for each other. Branding can be expensive for a a start up and we feel you; hence we try to help startups and emerging businesses in the most cost effective way as possible. 

As a Corporate Social Responsibility, we have hired differently abled citizen who suffer from brittle bone disease bearing the same talent and creative edge like all of us. So go ahead what are you waiting for Say Hi! It's free.

We almost forget to mention the creme dela creme part about the Cronie Squad, our parent company Fernandes Electricals & Co Pvt Ltd is one of the  top 10 Electrical Contacting company in Maharashtra

Creative Experts


We have an experience of working with various brands from real estate to retail, fashion and hospitality.


We at Creative Cronies are passionate about what we do. It is our passion that drives us to persistently perform at the top of our game because we want what is best for you! Our team has a passion for challenging clients with new thinking to help them to evolve – and when passion and new thinking combine, magical results happen.


Competitive Pricing

Search engine optimization

Our USP is our pricing. We understand that branding can be expensive and we provide the most affordable brand solution in digital marketing .

 You can depend on us to deliver smart, creative and thought-provoking campaigns. We will work with you to build a bespoke strategy that is designed solely for you, your brand and its values. You can depend on us to add value and think that little bit differently to ensure impactful and impressive results 

Featured Services

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development

We're one of the first advertising agency to bring a very unique feature to android and ios app 

The ability of mobile app  to raise above competition would depend on the quality of user experience. We ensure your mobile app incorporates the right features and functionalities to deliver the best user experience.

Choosing between a responsive website or a native app is more a business call than going into the technical capabilities of what each platform has to offer.

The reason is that the same set of customers that access your business through a desktop could potentially connect with your brand on the go through their 


For companies, apps are another medium to reach out to customers, just like a website or an advertisement. There is no debate about one vs. another. The fact is, you need both, to get to your customers who are browsing on their desktops or on the go. 

The app can engage them so they keep coming back to your brand for more.



Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

 Why is social media management important?

 Because your brand doesn’t really exist online if you’re not represented 

across all social channels and regularly interacting with your followers, 

journalists who cover your industry, thought leaders and taste makers, etc.

Here’s one very important reason you may not have considered — it’s fun! 

Hosting a Twitter chat to celebrate a new product launch, getting your geek on while you A/B test Facebook ads, or sharing pop-culture polls 

for your followers to weigh in on — these are all activities that build brand 

awareness, boost web traffic and lead to loyal customers. But unlike many

 traditional marketing tactics with the same goals, these tasks are actually

 fun in addition to driving real value for your company.

 Our main goal is to build the visibility and exposure of your social accounts to attract more traffic to your service or products.  Creative Cronies will make sure that your social media presence is growing daily and will post relevant content to your audience to encourage conversion to your product/service.   

Our Delivery 

  • Create a social media profile for your brand 
  • Maintain the hygiene on all the social media platforms of your brand 
  • Post content 
  • Tailor made post designs for your brand
  • Generate lead with paid ads 
  • Engage your target audience on the respective social media platform

Website Design & Development

Website development

We have extensive knowledge of the latest technology to build business centric web application .

 We work on  delivering smart, innovative and forward thinking strategies to clients big or small.

Our design and development team’s forte is capturing the essence of your business with a noticeable, crisp and clean website that includes all the necessary functionality needed for your business. We provide CMS website  solution where you can do it easily!

We create web-sites which can easily adapt screen resolution of 
any device, no matter which device you or your customers are using. 
Responsive is the modern way for a mobile-friendly website.

As an owner of the website, you should have control to update 
content / images of your website anytime.

Our Expertise

  • Client side / Front end:  React.js,  HTML5, CSS3, Angular 
  • Back end: PHP(Laravel, Cake PHP, CodeIgniter), Node.js
  • Focus on user friendly navigation and better content placement, which will later benefit for SEO 
  • Designing the layout of your website template
  • CMS Websites
  • Portal Development
  • UI/Ux

About our founder


 Our founder Cheryl Fernandes started her journey as an entrepreneur at a very young age of being only 25 . She is a tie-loathing adventurer and thrill seeker, who believes in turning ideas into reality along with being a digital marketing junkie, she is also a brand consultant, with a track record of creating and implementing digital marketing campaigns for renowned brands in India. She's got a strong educational background in MBA(Marketing/Entrepreneurship) from the University of Texas, Austin and Singapore Business School. Digital marketing is not the only thing she stops at, she holds a certificate from IIM Kozhikode, she's also a motivational speaker, a leadership speaker and holds the honor of winning an award from Women Economic Forum   for being an "Exceptional Women of Excellence "  a forum, which  is the largest global gathering of women entrepreneurs and leaders worldwide . She has also been featured on Entrepreneur of India episode 63 article to the link below.  


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