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Group of Fernandes Electricals Pvt. Ltd.

About Us



We are a group of creative cronies constantly looking to do something out of the box. We right-brain thinkers, are always seeking to make everything fun and productive in the most quirky way possible. We binge on a bag of chips and coke whilst making sheep's eyes at our screen till we go BAZINGA! We believe in having fun at work so that we can reap better results for our clients. Going against the norm is what we take pride in, that's why we take up assignments not because we know how to get it done, but to challenge ourselves to learn new things. We Cronies don't believe in the normal work structure, but believe in working with each other rather than for each other . . Branding can be expensive for a a start up and we feel you. Hence we help startups and emerging businesses in the most cost effective way as possible. As a Corporate Social Responsibility, we hire differently abled citizen who suffer from brittle bone disease bearing the same talent and creative edge like all of us. So go ahead what are you waiting for Say Hi! It's free...

Oh wait... We almost forget to mention the creme dela creme part about the Cronie Squad, our parent company Fernandes Electricals & Co Pvt Ltd is one of the  top 10 Electrical Contacting company in Maharashtra

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Creative Experts


We have an experience of working with various brands from real estate to retail, fashion and hospitality

Competitive Pricing


We take pride in helping start ups build their brand right from scratch. Our USP is our pricing, we understand that branding can be expensive and we provide the most affordable brand solution in digital Marketing in Mumbai and Pune 

Featured Services


Mobile App Development

We're one of the first advertising agency to bring a very unique feature to google play store.

Click below to experiece the app. 

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Social Media Marketing

  • Create a social media profile for your brand 
  • Maintain the hygiene on all the social media platforms of your brand 
  • Post content 
  • Tailor made post designs for your brand
  • Generate lead with paid ads 
  • Engage your target audience on the respective social media platform


Website Design & Development

  •  We use Angular as a development platform for building website (now that's a very rare and it's of of our niche)
  • Focus on user friendly navigation and better content placement, which will later benefir for SEO 
  • Designing the layout of your website template
  • Corporate Websites
  • CMS Websites
  • Product Websites
  • Portal Development
  • UI/Ux